-General Description


Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+ is a combined product that supports a mobile phone USB charger and
data communication, high-performance multi-media earphones, and portable small headset function.

  Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+ provides a high-demand multimedia environment to customers through
a built-in mobile phone charger chip, data communication and charging through USB port,
and attached stereo headset (earphone).

Therefore, charging and call waiting/answering are possible simultaneously with data communication with
other mobile instruments; total solution required by high demand multimedia mobile phone
achieved for customers.

  -Multi-using Performance at an low price, simple design
  Multi-use performance improved through simple design of SUNGHAN Elec. Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+
- Reduce purchase cost and warranty cost by provide multi-use performance product.
- Customer can reduce total cost of ownership.
- Easy to use all of the mobile accessory products' functions.
SUNGHAN Elec. Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+ combined functions of existing mobile phone compatible accessories and provides a low price and a new level of versatility.
  - Ideal combination of price and function-your compete solution
  SUNGHAN Elec. Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+ guarantees charging safety similar to existing high-price mobile phone.
- Single-cell Li-ion Battery charge through USB port
- 0.5% charge accuracy
- Mobile phone battery protection through automatic Short-Down function
SUNGHAN Elec. Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+ assures safe charge and data communication at the same time
by connecting the mobile USB port to the USB jack.
  - STEREO Headphone Earjack-Handfree+STEREO Earphone
  By adapting the highest level earphone, a higher level of MP3 sounds can be enjoyed through advanced mobile phones.
Also, call waiting/answering is possible while listening to music through handsfree.
- First domestic STEREO earphone with elegant design
- Best domestic earspeaker with wide-ranging tone support
- Mobile phone call connect or call waiting while enjoying music or video
  - Protected by patent, patent on a new design
  SUNGHAN Elec. provides confidence for customers through exclusive right of Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+.
- Patent 10-2004-0096866
- New Design 20-2004-0010679
  - Conclusion
  Therefore, customer satisfaction can be obtained by providing a combined product that
supports high-demand multi-function mobile phone - Unicap-III Mobile PLUS+.